What: Another pay-to-play company that claims it will find acting gigs for you

Expected pay: None

Commissions & fees: YOU pay $12.50/month

Where: National

Requirements: None


Backstage says that it will help you find acting jobs. In order to use the site, a monthly subscription fee is required and there is no guarantee that you will get work.

The monthly subscription fee is $150/year or $12.50/month. The subscription rate is often discounted. Last checked, membership was going for $8.25/month. The site appears to offer a lot of non-union work in student productions. This would likely not be a great place to find regular work with professional productions.

A better option for those more serious about acting would be Actor’s Access, which is free to use and post a profile. Actor’s Access will try to sell their premium subscription, but it is not required.

Hustlevida’s suggestion: Post your profile on Actor’s Access and search for jobs at Playbill, which operates a free job board. Use your money to hire an agent.

What Users Say: From Reddit

“Been on it for too long (6+ years both for school and now professionally on occasion). Just sent a manager a letter-long plea for help. Not sure what’s happened, but I unfortunately have began documenting the crap they’ve put me through. Inconsistent and probably dying out or at the very least struggling internally.”

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