What: Mobile hair and makeup provider

Expected pay: $30 – $90/hour

Commissions & Fees: 40% + part of the tip

Where: Select U.S. cities.

Requirements: Have a valid cosmetology license for hairstylists and nail technicians; two or more years experience; smartphone; in-person audition



  • Customer rates range from $50 to $155/hour
  • Stylists keep 60% of what they earn + most of the tip
  • You get paid weekly by direct deposit


  • Pay for your own supplies and gas
  • Commission to the site is substantial
  • $25 fine + amount of commission for appointment cancellations within 7 days of the appointment date
  • Terms transparency

What Users Say: (From Glassdoor)

I worked at beGlammed part-time


– make your own schedule


– they may schedule up to 10 candidates in one hour so you barely make anything hourly

The pay isn’t the best, but its not too bad. If you do both hair and makeup its better because there are times you will do both on an appointment. I work for glam squad too and they only let you do one or the other.

I’ve been working for beGlammed, as a freelance artist, since November 2014. beglammed has helped me build my portfolio and keeps me busy with clients. It is nice to focus on servicing your clients and focusing in artistry without worrying about paying for advertising, getting clients, paperwork or chasing clients to get paid. They do all that for me! The team at headquarters have always been very helpful and answer any concerns or questions I mights have.  It’s easy to overbook or overlap your appointments so be careful.

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