What: National consumer experience research firm that specializes in sending mystery shoppers to businesses, restaurants, and retail stores.

Expected pay: $10 – $25 per shop (or reimbursement for purchases)

Commissions & Fees: none

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: 18 or older; reliable transportation; internet and computer access; good communication skills



  • Highly flexible and sometimes fun
  • You choose among jobs that can be done and when you want to work


  • Poorly paid
  • Once you schedule a shop, you must complete the job on time and file a report before 10 a.m. Central time the following day
    • Failure to complete the shop as scheduled or file the report on time can jeopardize getting paid
  • Pay is either a flat fee; a flat fee plus reimbursement; or simple reimbursement
    • When you factor in possible travel costs; completing the observation and filing the report, the pay is usually less than minimum wage

What Shoppers Say: (From Indeed)

The Quality Control Editors are the RUDEST people of all here. No matter how humble & polite you treat them, they talk down to you on the phone & in emails as though your TRASH. Management & Field Supervisors that were once awesome, have turned into total Jerks as well.

I was getting assignments an hour before, and at least 30 mins away. 15 dollar reimbursement for spending 30…I dont think so.I would never go back!!!

Didn’t find Bestmark to be worth the time or money. They have very specific requirements on the shops with zero wiggle room. On a recent shop, I went to Port of Subs and paid $14 on two subs with a $12 reimbursement and $5 in compensation. I had forgotten to ask the name of one of the associates not wearing a nametag, but had his description and he was the only male out of just 3 employees on shift when I was in. The rest of the shop had fully detailed information including this person’s description. Because of missing his name, the shop was invalid and I’m out an hour of my time, and $14 on two moderately gross subs. It could be a cool gig to get free things, but the risk is too high on if you make a human error to not be reimbursed for things I would never typically purchase.

Cons: Poor compensation, high risk of no reimbursement or compensation

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