What: A mobile app that connects you with someone who has a truck to help you move and deliver

Expected pay: $28 – $42/hour

Commissions & Fees: 30%

Where: Los Angeles, Orange County, CA; Austin and San Marcos, Texas.

Requirements: Be 21 years of age; Have a good driving record; Must be able to lift 50 lbs.; Pass a thorough DMV and criminal background check; Have a late-model truck or van, with auto insurance



  • The rate of charge for consumers is $1/minute, plus $1/mile, plus a $2 cargo insurance fee
  • BuddyTruk pays drivers 70% of all the time and mileage charges — not the $2 insurance fee.
  • There’s a minimum charge of $40
  • BuddyTruk only arranges short-haul moves of 75 miles or less.
  • The site maintains commercial liability and cargo insurance, but you still have to have your own auto policy


  • Although the insurance coverage is better than some other sites, you might be able to make a better hourly rate elsewhere
  • Drivers are expected to take photographs of any damaged unboxed items before the move so that they can prove that they didn’t cause the damage.  (Boxed items that can’t be inspected are subject to strict loss limits.) 
  • Some complaints about the app not working

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