What: Professional caregiver marketplace, connecting trusted and licensed caregivers with family in need of home care services 

Expected pay: $15/hour (average)

Commissions & fees: $20 for a background check

Where: Major U.S. cities. 

Requirements: Over 18 years old; U.S. citizen or legally authorized to work in the U.S.; clean criminal record; 2 years experience



  • For caregivers – an inexpensive way to handle marketing
  • Register for free
  • The only cost for the caregiver is a $20 background check
  • Caregivers set their own rate
  • The site treats caregivers as employees of the client; meaning you must earn minimum wage and both you and the site pay for Social Security and Medicare taxes

Read more about independent contractor taxes for more detailed explanation about taxes


  • Some consumer reviews were bad

What Users Say: (From TrustPilot)

I applied a at carelinx online. I had an interviewed on the phone, passed all the neccessary question. The guy who interviewed me told me congratulations you have passed everything, the next step is to do background check which in implies with some fees so I did that. They told me I have 75% and my back background checks came was not successful. That was shocked to me because I’m a full-time worker at a big hospital and employees of the year. Never had any issues about my license or criminals misconduct. So I called carelinx they told me my accounts has been deactivated and they will activate it for me so that I can the background check. Its been almost 2 months now carelinx did do it. For me I don’t trust them.

Initially I was excited to work for CareLinx because the starting pay was very good. Plus in addition they added hazard pay which made it seem all worth it. To my understanding, the position I applied for was for a facility in Sylmar. The listing they posted said they would be flexible to my needs and I had requested MORNING shifts. Come to find out, I was told I would be going to a Glendale facility which is almost 30 miles from me and not to mention they scheduled me for a NIGHT shift. They said it would be for that one time and I was fine with that. They also mentioned to me that they would prioritize my preferences and give me a better schedule. A day after I finished that shift, they scheduled me again for another night shift in Glendale. I was already prepared to work that night, then they cancelled on me last minute. They then proceeded to schedule me at the initial facility last minute, but I was still determined to work so I went. The facility they made me go to didn’t have proper PPE, was scarce on gloves that CNA’s had to ask me from my own, was short on staff and the load for an LVN was tremendous and tiring, the RN’s were lazy and demanded things on the spot as if you were a dog, and many more… I vented to Carelinx and they assured me that there would be extra help the following day. The “help” supposedly didn’t even show up because she was sent home. Miscommunication? I’m not surprised. So to my surprise I had to do the same thing all over again for another shift. As I was completing my timesheets all week, I kept getting them rejected. I was promised a certain amount of hazard pay for going in, and they didn’t comply to it. This company pretty much short-handed me money. I honestly do not trust them at all. They’ll promise one thing, but won’t go through with it. They’re only priority is getting someone scheduled wherever just to get their money from that facility, even if it takes lying to get it done. I have invoices as proof, so they can’t lie about it. Never working for this company ever again and I suggest you don’t either.

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