What: All-in-one food ordering platform that connects diners with local and independent restaurants, via convenient delivery, pickup, or catering

Expected pay: $10 – $25/hour

Where: Boston, Brooklyn & Queens, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Manhattan, Manhine, PA, Marin, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, East Bay; San Francisco Peninsula, San Francisco proper, Seattle, Washington, D.C.

Requirements: Anyone with a vehicle (car, truck, bike, scooter, or motorcycle) and a customer-service mentality, you must be 18 years or older, have a smartphone, drivers must have 2 years of driving experience and valid auto insurance, ideally have experience driving for other services such as Uber, Postmates, or Lyft



  • Theoretically, Caviar pays better than the other food delivery apps, but the pay is not transparent (It is based on an “effort-based” algorithm, which is not provided in advance)
  • You can receive tips
  • Caviar works with higher-end restaurants, where the patrons are more likely to give good tips


  • May have merged with Doordash
  • The site offers some help if you get parking tickets, but accepts no responsibility for liability if you are in an accident while delivering
  • Not available in all areas

Other apps that offer similar gigs: Grub HubAmazon FlexLyft and Wingz.

What Users Say:

“Dispatch gets a bad rep. I’ve worked jobs where I had to respond to multiple customers at once with few contextual clues. It is very difficult and the fact that they are able to resolve problems within 10 minutes is incredible. Time and time again, it’s their experience and advice that gets me paid for my current job and on to my next destination.”

I often have customers who are M.I.A. and are unresponsive to calls, texts, and knocks. Because I’m required to wait 10 minutes while you email (seriously, email? I already said they aren’t picking up calls and texts), I am late to follow up pick ups and deliveries. My suggestion is that you must call or text the customer just as I have and shorten the 10 minute window to 5.”

I deliver exclusively by bike. Many times I’ve been shown routing that takes me on highways on very busy thoroughfares. Allow me to set my delivery method as bicycle and integrate Google Maps bicycle routing into your app. It’s very annoying to have to open another app to get decent routing, especially when I receive alerts that require me to navigate back to the Caviar app whilst en route. It is dangerous to me as a bicycle courier to inherit these additional distractions.”

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