What: Venture-funded startup company that connects athletes with private coaches

Expected pay: $15 – $75/hour

Commissions & Fees: Graduated, from 6%-43% plus an annual fee of $10

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Be over the age of 18 and have some coaching credentials



  • Advertise coaching services on a forum
  • The site covers coaches and kids booking through them with a $1 million liability insurance policy
  • Paid by direct deposit within a week following a coaching session
  • Coaches set their own rates – the average coach charges $45/hour
  • The site helps you market your services


  • New clients (people who want coaches) to the site are charged a $20 “placement” fee
  • Coaches pay $10 annually, plus commissions on each booking
  • The commission schedule is graduated, those who earned the least money pay the highest commissions
  • You only take home 57% of the gross income for the first session you book with any individual athlete
    • Each subsequent booking with the same athlete drops the commission
    • After five sessions, the site takes 6% of the booking amount
  • Poor client reviews

Alternatively, coaches can place free ads on neighborhood sites, such as Craig’s List and Nextdoor

What the Coaches Say: (From Yelp)

 I am a coach for Coachup in the New York New Jersey area and I must say that I am extremely pleased with the Coachup online platform. I have received over 50 new clients via Coachup over the past 3 years and they handle all promotion, payments, and background checks. I have the ability to set my own rates and accept/decline any clients requesting my services. I also look forward to seeing each client improve after each one hour training session.  This is really a great service that I recommend to any private coach who enjoys 1 on 1 training or group training. I have also recommended friends to sign on as coaches so that they too can help train athletes in the NY/NJ area.

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