What: App connecting clinicians to shifts matched to their preferences

Expected pay: $15-$45/hour*

Commissions & fees: 20% (charged to employers)

Where: Select cities on the East Coast and Midwest.

Requirements: Be over 18; have appropriate health care credentials; pass a background check and drug screening; requires license



  • You are a W-2 employee, not an independent contractor
  • Pays weekly and sometimes, next day payments
  • You can accept shifts you want
  • Earn $15-18/hour for certified nursing assistants and med techs; $30 – $35 for LPNs; $40 – $45 for RNs
  • Site commission is charged to medical facilities, not the clinicians on the site
  • If a shift is canceled with less than a two-hour notice, you get paid for 4 hours


  • Not enough to make a full-time job
  • You cannot take more than two 8-hour shifts in a row and discourages working more than 64 hours in a week
  • Nurses are required to give at least 8 hours notice before canceling a shift
  • Medical staff is required to take one (unpaid) 30-minute break during every 8-hour shift. If you work through the break, you won’t be paid

What Workers Say: (From Indeed)

There is a lack of communication on their end. The pay is ridiculous, there is no differential for working any shifts just a flat rate on weekdays and weekends a $2 difference. While they get the most money since the facilities said they have to pay each nurse triple to the company. It’s all robbery

Flexible hours, week pay, good with turning documentations in, if you have to call out, on call opportunities, good with getting 16 hours, understandable when it comes to family issues outside of work

No room for growth began with one pay rate then they lowered it. Management all over the place. Only care about the facility not the employees. I would not work for them again.

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