What: CozyMeal connects chefs and caterers willing to host meals and teach cooking classes with clients. It also books venues

Expected pay: You set it

Commissions & fees: 20% – 30%

Where:  80+ cities across the world

Requirements: Cooking experience, foodie credentials, or a venue that can handle an event or cooking class.



  • Chefs determine what to make and/or offer, when, where, and how much to charge
  • The site also will book a venue for the event, if the chef needs one
  • Alternative oppotunities to earn:
    • If you offer your home as a venue, the site suggests charging $100/hour for a space that can accommodate up to 20 people; and $150 for a home that can seat 21 or more
    • Food photographer


  • The site is not transparent about the commission
  • Not extremely lucrative

What Chefs Say: (From Indeed)

I really do love and enjoy working for cozymeal. You’re basically your own boss and cozymeal helps you with most of the work. As a chef Instructor I get to turn my passion into money as well as meet different people all the time. I would highly recommend anyone interested in working for cozymeal to apply.

This is great for home cooks but not for professional chefs or private chefs and should be illegal to conduct dinners like this without meeting health codes. You are playing with your life and career when working or hiring some home chef without any professional training. I’m sure myself and other trained chefs would agree that it’s insulting to us. It’s a disgrace when people wake up and decide “oh I like to cook let me become a “chef”. Can we wake up and call purselves doctors?

Although a great idea, the company takes entirely too much and constantly asks for more. You are required to host parties of two and for the time, effort and money you end up in the negative yet Cozymeal takes a nice chunk of change and is unwilling to negotiate commission. Having been a private chef to high net worth individuals for many years the pay scale from Cozymeal is a no go for me.

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