What: Deliv is a Menlo Park-based crowdsourced, crowd shipping, same-day delivery startup, providing last-mile transportation services, and offers same-day service to mall shoppers 

Expected pay: $10 – $12/hour, plus mileage and tips

Where: Major U.S. Cities

Requirements: 18 or older (21 in some states), a smartphone with a good data plan (assignments are given over your phone, as are directions, etc.), a reliable car (2000 or later, that seats 4), valid auto insurance, able to lift packages up to about 50 lbs



  • Work at your discretion (the more you work, the more you can earn)
  • The company offers supplemental insurance if your auto insurance doesn’t cover something or if the claim against you exceeds the limits of your policy (must have a basic auto policy)


  • Deliv doesn’t officially disclose its base pay until drivers sign a contract – but it was found that drivers are paid between $10 and $12/hour, plus mileage and tips.
  • “Contracted block rate” is not really an hourly wage
  • Deliv drivers are paid for their time on task — not time committed — plus delivery miles and tips
    • Your contract may say that you get a minimum of $10/hour. So, if you commit to a five-hour block, that means you’ll make a minimum of $50. However, if you only have deliveries scheduled in three of those five hours, you only get paid for 3 hours. So, your base would be $30, plus mileage, plus tips.
  • If there is a paid parking requirement for your delivery, you pay for the parking fees

Other apps you may also want to consider: CaviarAmazon Flex and Grub Hub

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