What: Fiverr allows advertisement of your services for any legal job – from writing to voice-over work, or providing digital marketing, animation, and advice 

Expected pay: Variable, You set the rate

Commissions & Fees: The site takes a 20% commission on whatever you charge 

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Aged 13 and over; valid email address and a computer



  • Freelance marketplace that allows you to advertise any legal service. There are even kids willing to endorse your product or make silly videos! If it is legal and someone is willing to pay for it, you can list any service on Fiverr
  • Great platform to advertise and try out your own business
  • Quirky services, like carving names into a tree or putting a curse on your ex can be listed on Fiverr
  • Better opportunities for individuals with expert skills in web design and the like
  • Variety Of Projects
  • Extra Cash
  • Website Is Easy To Navigate
  • Challenge yourself: To succeed on Fiverr, you have to learn how to deal with a variety of different people, work within a deadline, and produce content that aligns with what your client has requested. Some sellers may be difficult or unclear, so Fiverr also presents a good opportunity to practice handling clients in an appropriate manner.


  • Fluctuating Price Points: Initially, you will have to undercut yourself. As a new seller, very few people will be fine with the price you set, and they will leverage your lack of reviews. The amount of time spent researching competitors, new topics, and creating content, all for a mere $10 (technically $8), may not be worthwhile in the end. Fiverr basically encourages you to sell your services at low increments.
  • Difficult To Make Consistent Money
  • Long Payment Process: Depending on your seller level, it usually takes 14 days to access your funds.
  • Fiverr Owns Your Clients: Building a list of repeat buyers doesn’t help you outside of Fiverr. You are basically at the mercy of the platform, as the policy on contacting people outside of Fiverr is incredibly strict. They will deactivate your account at any notice of exterior marketing.

How It Works:

Fiverr makes contacting and hiring freelancers simple. The search functionality simplifies the process. The review system helps remove doubts about their performance.

The site started with the concept that any job would be done for $5, so the challenge for side hustlers who list on the site is to overcome that hurdle. Most jobs are still listed at $5 or $10.

The site takes 20% of what you make, but charges a fee to transfer your pay to your PayPal account or bank. The transfer fee ranges from $1 to $3. 

Smart Strategies

Expertly framing your offer is key, and if you do it skillfully enough, you could make a decent living. Here is a scenario: a voice-over artist offers 100 words for $10. Worldwide rights to the recording is another $40. If you book multiple “gigs” to accommodate the number of words, you would book 5 gigs at $10 each for a total of $500. This type of strategy works to make decent money on Fiverr. 

Cecily Jamelia, launched her website consulting business, WordPress Queen by offering to answer questions about WordPress for $5.

You won’t make a fortune on Fiverr, but if you want to list your availability for an unconventional service like carving initials and names into a tree, Fiverr is a great resource.

HustleVida has a multitude of job categories, the more specific, the more likely you are to find more lucrative work

Fiverr Testimonial: “You have to really figure out what you are going to do for $5. And realize that you are really not getting $5. You get $3 something after their commission. If you can do it quickly, it really does add up. But you have to have a strategy…People need to try to find opportunities for themselves, and I think Fiverr does that. ” –Cecily Jamelia, WordPress Queen

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