What: FlexJobs is a curated job board that specifically looks for flexible and part-time work in nearly every employment category

Expected pay: Varies

Commissions & fees: $15 per month or $50 per year

Requirements: Vary by position

Where: Nationwide


HustleVida normally takes a dim view of sites that require workers to pay to find work. FlexJobs, which curates telecommuting, part-time and otherwise flexible job opportunities, is an exception.

Although you would be able to find the jobs listed on the site elsewhere, FlexJobs checks out each opportunity to determine whether the job involves telecommuting (even part-time) and whether the company that’s offering it is legitimate. In an arena were a lot of work-at-home “opportunities” are scams, this is a valuable service.

Flex Jobs charges at a rate of $15 a month or $50 per year and offers a money-back guarantee, which it appears to honor. The one thing to be careful about is that subscriptions renew automatically, so if you found a job and want to cancel, do it before you’re charged again. And, if you’re not satisfied, be sure to request a refund. 

If, however, you’re reluctant to pay for job board services, you can also screen jobs at Indeed and Glassdoor. HustleVida recommends both sites highly.

What their users say: From Reddit:

“I just canceled my account with them. I was looking for entry-level online work and every day they would email me listings for commuting jobs that require experience. When I canceled, I told them this was the reason. They got upset and sent me a massive essay explaining how great their job recommendation emails are. Ridiculous.”

“My problem with FlexJobs is that they have a limited amount of remote jobs that they actually post. They’ll say something is “telecommute” but when you click through it’s that you get to telecommute one day a week or that there’s the “possibility” to telecommute. Plus there are very few jobs that are exclusive to Flexjobs for the price you pay. Most of the jobs that I see in my niche are things I already found myself. I cancelled after about a month.”

“Revisiting this discussion because I saw people talking about Flexjobs on Facebook. The common frustration (according to some former subscribers) with Flexjobs is that most people are paying for it to find telecommuting jobs but most of their jobs aren’t for full time telecommute so they feel a little ripped off.The other thing is that the types of jobs that they post aren’t typical to most telecommuters who want writing, marketing, customer service, virtual assistant etc. But they said when Flexjobs posts telecommute jobs it’s for stuff like sales. I’d be curious to see know how many people are long-time subscribers and how many give up after their subscription lapses.”

From the Better Business Bureau:

“FlexJobs is well worth the small monthly fee. They literally “weed out” all the scammers out there who prey on job seekers. FlexJobs offers a wide array of webinars, trainings, classes, etc. to further advance your current skillset, resume, cover letter, etc. I have referred several friends and family to FlexJobs. Well worth it and HIGHLY recommended!!!”

“I have had the opportunity to find two part time, work from home jobs in marketing and sales on Flexjobs. I have also recommended the website to a few friends who have also found work from home positions in teaching and in nursing. When deciding to leave my full time position which required a lot of travel, I researched many websites to find jobs that would allow me the opportunity to work from home. Flexjobs had by far the most legitimate positions and great assistance in resume building and even training. I highly recommend the site.”

Well worth the money

“I have used Flexjobs for the past year and I was excited to find a job that matched my skills and requirements. I was hired immediately and very grateful to Flexjobs because this particular job was not listed on any of the other sites I normally frequent. It was worth the fee since it ensured the jobs were legitimate and not scams. i have also recommended this job site to several other people who are looking for at home or flexible jobs.”

I literally found my next job the first day using the site. Granted, it took about 6 weeks to actually be hired, which wasn’t unexpected, but the site is legit. Obviously I was lucky to find one so quick, but there are roles out there with flexibility and telecommute options and this site hand picks them.”

“I was looking for a part-time, full telecommute job so that I could stay home with my child. I decided to have a membership for a month to see how it went with FlexJobs. Within that month I got two interviews and I got an offer to work one of those jobs. Before joining FlexJobs I searched for jobs in a lot of different places and did not find anything suitable. I highly recommend FlexJobs if you are looking for flexible and telecommute jobs.”

Great site

I signed up for a FlexJobs account and within two months was offered a freelance position with a great company. I was impressed with the quality of jobs offered on FlexJobs, all legitimate positions with competitive pay and flexible scheduling. In the past when I’ve done contract work from home, it always felt like I was working long hours for very little pay. On FlexJobs, I found tons of real jobs with real companies offering real, fair compensation. 


FlexJobs quickly became my primary search tool versus the other sites. I interviewed with a half dozen companies that responded but narrowed that down to three “finalists” within a month. After several more interviews with those three companies, I had 2 job offers and actually had to pull myself out of a final interview in another state because I accepted one of the other offers. I found FlexJobs to be an invaluable resource in my job search, particularly for telecommuting positions. It’s easy to use, effective, and the search features yielded relevant job leads that interested me. I ended up paying about $40 for two months’ subscription to the site and found an awesome position making thousands more per year with a company I am excited to join. Highly recommend this site!”

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