What: Sporting Goods Online Retailers; Buy and sell outdoor gear

Commissions & fees: 13%

Where: National



  • Free to list
  • The site collects payment
  • Pays you through Venmo, Paypal, or direct deposit
  • Handles marketing


  • Sometimes slow to pay
  • Poor customer service for sellers

eBay and CraigsList are also sites where you can list your items to sell.

What Users Say: (From TrustPilot)

As a seller for around 3 months now, GearTrade is incredibly efficient and has a great UI to quickly sell and list items. I am very thorough with my pictures, descriptions, and pricing so I have not encountered any problems with either GearTrade or my customers. Be honest with your sales and receive honest customers in return 🙂

While this site might be good for buyers, the payment processing for sellers is unacceptably slow. I processed and shipped order and it was delivered to the buyer two days later, but I have been waiting for more than two weeks to receive payment for my order. I would not recommend this site to others!

A few years back it was decent. You could find good stuff at a decent price. Not sure what happened but when I go on there now I see people trying to get top dollar for used gear. Occasionally I’ll see people trying to sell gear for more than it would cost in a shop. I guess folks get ripped off because they don’t know any better then turn around and try to do the same to someone else.

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