What: Online marketplace for renting a boat; the site allows you to rent out your watercraft by the hour and/or advertise your aquatic lessons

Expected pay: $100+/hour for watercraft with an engine rental; $60+/hour for lessons

Commissions & fees: Owner pays 7% of the rental amount for domestic bookings; 10% for international charters.

Where: Waterways in most major U.S. cities, as well as 184 other countries

Requirements: Owner of a boat, jet ski, paddleboard or kayak; the ability to provide lessons, tours or charters; a smart phone



  • The Airbnb of boat rentals
  • Boat rentals are usually arranged by the hour and can include a “captain” if the renter (or boat owner) desires to take the role.
  • Boat owners decide on a rental price, a security deposit, and cancellation terms
  • Payments are made to boat owners within 10 days of the completion of the rental, generally by direct deposit.


  • Does not provide any insurance coverage for your boat, though it can refer owners to commercial liability insurers that owners can contract separately.
  • The site also has owners and renters create and agree on separate contracts for the use of their boat.
  • GetMyBoat is only used to market the availability of your watercraft and to collect payment.
  • The phone app can be buggy
  • If you cancel a rental, you are charged $5-$50 cancellation fee that will include transaction fees

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