What: Recruiting site for in-home beauticians

Expected pay: $14–$16/hour

Commissions & Fees: NA

Where: New York, Long Island, the Hamptons, Boston, Washington D.C. area, South Florida, Southern California, San Francisco Bay Area and Dallas

Requirements: Appropriate experience and licenses; week-long skills assessment in person or online



  • Flexible
  • Free products from popular cosmetic brands
  • Great for part-time, side job


  • Inconsistent work
  • A lot of driving
  • Practically impossible to learn how useful site will be unless you share personal information
  • Failed to respond to requests for information
  • The site takes a huge cut of freelancer pay to book and manage appointments
  • Pay for your own supplies and gas

What Users Say: (From Indeed)

Glamsqaud used to be a great company. Not so much anymore. They hire too many people it’s hard to get a full book anymore. They don’t value employees with higher ratings or that have been with the company longer. They give all the clients to new stylist as a way to hook them in then slowly your book will become less and less booked. They also do not compensate fairly. It’s OK for a side job and only a side job but it’s a lot of running around for very little money

Fast paced positive environment where individual creativity is encouraged. App based company leaves the freelance stylist with full control of their personal and work schedule. Always meeting and collaborating with new people and talent. Company provided high quality and in demand products. Opportunity for growth and personal career expansion.

Pros: Creative freedom, personal control of schedule, competitive pay, great products

Cons: Excessive driving

(From Glassdoor)

Because the beauty operators are freelancers, the company allows them to cancel, no-show, and deny certain clients services without being reprimanded and allows them to verbally harass and speak to other Glamsquad employees, particularly the Client Experience department, however they see fit. Glamsquad holds these beauty operators on a pedestal claiming, “without them, they would have no business.” 

When a hairstylist doesn’t show up to a VIP client, you’ll be screamed at by the client, the client’s assistant, the stylist who said their books were closed, and then there will be an internal email asking why the booking was messed up. It’s hard to not feel like it’s your fault somehow. Picture being called stupid, and incompetent by multiple clients because the same stylists are not showing to their appointments and then said stylists giving you an attitude, and still getting booked for appointments and even big things like photoshoots.

STAY AWAY! They will have you work early mornings to deal with the bratty beauty professionals who call out last minute, give you attitude, have you fix all of their schedules and it wouldn’t even be 8am yet. You don’t get OT even though you would wrk 9 hour days, and you have to work almost every holiday and weekend and the bonus isn’t even that great! You would have to deal with the upset people who are mad that their beautician/make up artist is running late. 

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