What: A job site for prospective caregivers, housekeepers, personal assistants, household managers, and personal chefs

Expected pay: Minimum wage to $35/hour

Commissions & fees: Free to post a profile (unless you want to communicate directly with site visitors – who have not paid an employer fee) Membership is $11/month.

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Be 18 or older, able to pass a background check. Relevant experience is a plus.


GoNannies matches providers to families that need child or adult care, household management, cleaning, cooking, etc.

No charge to use the site or post a profile. Families are unable to contact workers unless they pay a membership fee. Potential providers are unable to apply for jobs from non-members. Membership is $11/ month.

Your credit card will continue to be automatically charged every month until you tell them to stop. Don’t forget to cancel your subscription once you get a job.

No complaints

We found no complaints, other than one gripe from a nanny who got taken by a check fraud and thought the site should have done a better job warning people. Let us warn you: If a prospective employer sends you a check that’s for more than the cost of your services and asks you to refund the excess to them “after the check clears,” DON’T DO IT. This is a popular scam that is prevalent on both job and sales sites (like eBay and CraigsList). This story at CBS News explains how it works.

UrbanSitterNannyLane, Bambino, and RideZum also offer positions for nannies. If you want your own daycare center, Wonderschool seems like a useful resource. 

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