What: Transportation network company providing service to children; mostly female drivers

Expected pay: $10 – $30/hour

Where: Los Angeles, Orange County and San Francisco, California only.

Requirements: Be 23 or older; have 5 years or more of child care experience (having your own children counts); be able to pass a background check; have a 4-door car model year 2007 or newer; proof of insurance; good driving record



  • Ideal side-gig for students and school teachers
  • Like an Uber for minors (ages 1-12)
  • Most rides are during the day
  • Pay is determined based on mileage and time (but an estimate is given before you accept)


  • Only available to limited geographic areas

Similar sites offering same services: Ride Zum and Kango.

Cathy Vaccher, an elementary school teacher, said she earns about $150 a week driving for HopSkipDrive after school. She likes it better than Uber because she’s a diminutive 4-foot-11 and not comfortable picking up adults.

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