What: An on-demand, temporary staffing platform for restaurants, bars, venues, corporate hospitality, and caterers – hires you as a part-time W-2 employee; only available in New York City and Chicago 

Expected pay: $10 -$30/hr

Commissions & fees: 15% of each booking total, plus transaction fees

Where: New York City and Chicago

Requirements: Experience working as a bartender, server or caterer; smartphone



  • The company actually takes you on as a part-time W-2 employee
  • Pays through InstantPay, so you don’t have to wait for a paycheck


  • Only available in NYC and Chicago

How It Works:

You sign up to be a food server, bartender, and/or caterer/catering assistant, and (if your application is accepted) Jitjatjo will text you when there is an opportunity in your neighborhood.

What Employees Say: (From Indeed)

I’ve been at JJJ for three years now. On the plus side I’ve worked an amazing variety of events, expanded my skill set and met great people. Jit Jat Jo could be amazing if they could pull it together and do what they advertise.

They advertise “Instant Pay”, but that feature almost never works (it really shouldn’t be on their advertising at all at). Their app will also cancel gigs (even though the client don’t cancel). The app listed me as a no show and late several times even though I have been on time for every single shift I worked). Also I have notice that once clients directly tell me they are going to start requesting me, JJJ stops sending me invites for that client. It’s very irritating

Been booking gigs on JJJ for several years now. Something has changed. Very rarely see jobs for over 20$ per hour. Mostly bottom of the barrel stuff. From speaking to my many friends in the industry, underqualified people are booking high paying jobs right along with low paying jobs, so employers are only posting low paying jobs. Talented people are squeezed out and its just another temp agency.

The opportunity to make an extra earning, provide an income, and/or networking. This company is a hospitality based company with the shift work; so it can open doors for you. As you continue claiming shifts, you form relationships between you in the clients your sent to work for. So sometime it may lead to a permanent fit.ProsNetworking, earning extra cashConsSometimes the pay dosen’t match the job.

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