What: Recruiting site that uses algorithms to match the qualifications on your resume to positions available

Expected pay: varies

Commissions & fees: They pay you

Requirements: Age 16 or older; Updated resume and professional skill set in almost any industry that recruits workers

Where: Nationwide



  • Offers help to finding positions in a particular field of interest, and will even pay you a bonus. (If you get hired through and stay in the hired position for at least 90 days.)
  • A portion of the recruiting fees that companies pay to professional head-hunters is kicked back from the site.
  • AI is used for employer-employee matchmaking , so it charges employers less and gives most of that fee back to successful applicants.
  • charges employers 7% of the hired employee’s pay as a recruiting fee. (Traditionally, recruiters charge about 25%.)
  • If you stay in the position for more than 90 days, will return a portion of the fee — 5% of your annual pay — back to you. For example, if you get hired for a position paying $100,000, would give you $5,000, keeping $2,000 as the recruiting fee. If you quit or get fired before the 90 days, will give $5,000 of the recruiting fee to the employer.


  • In a nutshell: the site links to affiliates that may market resume and education services if you fill out their forms. Applicants think they are simply filling out job applications, but website reviews explain that you may not know that you are filling out a third-party form.
  • says it has teamed up with a company called JobMatcher: which is also criticized.
  • Old reviews and the connection with JobMatcher, leave us apprehensive.

In 2017, a new management team took over, and complaints seem to have stopped. The majority of complaints are from 2015 and 2016.

The site has a neutral rating because the terms are good, despite the reviews.

Search for professional jobs through GlassdoorIndeedFlexProfessionalsFreeUpOnward Search or WAHVE, depending on the industry. 

Upwork and Fiverr are the best sites we have come across and we recommend them for the reputation and ease of use for Freelancers and contract work.

What Users Say: (From Trust Pilot) seemed to pull info out of my resume and fit it into a format that was very limited. Also, a lot of steering to school ads, etc. Was looking for a straight job search experience. Haven’t received one response, either. We’ll see.

When you click on a job and it wants your phone number for telemarketers to call about getting more education, you tell them you’re looking for another job and they hang up on you so you can’t get to the application is why I don’t like your site.

Even though I explicitly listed my location and travel limits almost all of the jobs you listed for me are from 50 to 150 miles from Bennington area.

I’m sure there might be some benefit, but I’m too busy battling the spam to find out. I regret signing up.

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