What: Peer-to-peer food and drinks delivery app

Expected pay: $0 to $5/order

Commissions & fees: 0-18%

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Smart phone



  • Convenient if you are already going to a nearby restaurant
  • In reality, it only seemed to work on college campuses, large office buildings, or military bases


  • Not a sufficient way to make money
  • Not useful for most people
  • The only way for runners to earn a decent amount of money with this app is if they’re able to bundle multiple orders, picking up and dropping off in a tight geographic range
  • You have to front the expenses
  • Runners pay graduated fee for runs (you pay nothing if the run pays less than $3)
    • The site charges $0.15 when you earn $4, $0.30 when you earn $5. $0.15 is charged for each additional dollar earned.

How It Works

The company’s app lets you know if someone nearby wants to add an order of their own to your visit to the store or restaurant. If you are the runner – you decide what store or restaurant you’re visiting; when; charge between $0-$5, and tell everyone when their orders will be delivered. The amount you earn depends on how many people sign up to have you deliver their orders. Founder Manish Rathi says JoyRun is about friends, neighbors, and co-workers helping each other out. Runners help by getting the food/running the errands. Customers help by paying the runners a small fee and a tip.

Rathi says the runners make an average of $30/hour when they’re working in participating military communities in San Antonio. On college campuses, he estimates that students earn about $20 per hour.


Other sites where you can delivery groceries and meals include GrubHubDoorDashInstacart and Shipt

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