What: App-based service that enables you to schedule rides and childcare for kids, from preschool to high school

Expected pay: $20-$35/hour

Where: Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area

Requirements: Be 21 or over; possess a car (2007 or younger); Submit to Trustline certification in California (includes fingerprinting); Background check (includes criminal and sex offender); DMV check; Vehicle inspection; Two references; Pass in-person and phone interviews



  • Promises higher pay than other childcare sites (Earn a minimum of $20-$35/hour)
  • Set up is favorable for employees
  • More transparent about their pay than their direct competitor, HopSkipDrive
  • Commercial auto liability insurance to cover drivers on the platform
  • Not required to have additional insurance as long as you have valid personal auto insurance that meets state requirements


  • Still relatively young and may not have as many customers as some of the others

Similar jobs are offered by Ride Zum and HopSkipDrive

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