What: Online marketplace connecting students with music and acting teachers

Expected pay: Set your own rates

Commissions and fees: 15% if the site found the student; 4% if student is recruited by you.

Requirements: A bank account, a computer, and a webcam (if you want to teach students online); a good internet connection; at least two years of teaching experience or five years of professional experience. Pass a background check.

Where: Nationwide



  • Free registration
  • Option to teach online or in-person
  • Set your own rate
  • Paid within 3 days after completion of a lesson


  • Rigorous vetting process
  • Must respond within 48 hours to requests or your account is locked
  • High “finders fee” (14%) if the site finds you a student

If you want to teach music or acting, Lessonface offers you a place to start. Teachers must have teaching experience or extraordinary skills to pass the rigorous vetting process. A minimum of 2 years of teaching experience, 5 years of professional experience, or the teacher must be an “extraordinary exception” to qualify. If you meet the criteria, you will still have to pass an interview to see if you would be a good fit for the platform.

Teachers set their rates, but 7.5% goes to the platform. If the site finds the student for you, they take an additional 7.5%. The fees are among the lowest in the industry.

Generally, teachers are paid within three days after a lesson is complete. Though, if you fail to acknowledge completed lessons within four weeks, your payment is forfeited. Teachers must respond to requests for lessons within 48 hours, or the account is locked. 

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