What: Micro mobility company that aims to distribute shared scooters, bikes, and transit vehicles, aiming to reduce dependence on personal automobiles for short distance transportation; pays people to find, pick up and charge its scooters and return them to a central location

Expected pay: $5 – $20 per scooter collected, charged and returned

Commissions & Fees: NA

Where: Most major U.S. cities and a handful of college campuses. Full list here

Requirements: Be over the age of 18; live in an area where Lime operates scooters; have a way to collect and deliver scooters (usually requires a car or truck); smart phone



  • Sign up free and download the app
  • The app tells you where to find scooters that need charging – You pick up the ones that are almost out of battery at any time; and can collect other available scooters after 9 p.m.
    • typically takes 4 – 6 hours to fully charge a scooter, so you can pick them up in the evening and drop them off to set locations by 7 a.m.
  • If you already have a California freelancer license, you’ll be able to charge more scooters, since the requirement eliminates many others that would compete with you


  • Only accepting chargers that qualify as independent businesses in the state
  • Scooters not where they say they are on the app
  • Required to purchase the 4-pack of Lime chargers ($20)
  • Not available in all areas

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