What: Loanables’ mission is to reduce over-consumption by attempting to make it as easy to rent and share as it is to buy

Commissions & Fees: 10%

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Items to rent out



  • The site allows you to list items for free
  • The site gives you an idea of how much similar items are renting for in your area
  • You pay 10% of your rental fee to the site


  • You are responsible for collecting the money and arranging pick-up or delivery of your item, as well as asking for a deposit if you are renting out something expensive.
  • You could be held liable if someone hurts themselves when using your chain saw or other dangerous equipment, so be careful when renting out anything with sharp edges or blades.
  • Renting personal items may be more trouble than it’s worth.
  • These rent-anything sites (as opposed to those that specialize in a single big-ticket item, such as a room or car) don’t draw tons of traffic.

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