Managed By Q

What: Management platform including vendors for cleaning and maintenance services, IT support, inventory management, administrative staffing, and security

Expected pay: Varies by job

Where: New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Boston

Requirements: Necessary and applicable experience; other requirements vary



  • 2 Flexible Options – work for the site itself as a commercial office cleaner or join the site’s partner network
  • Hires cleaners and provides benefits, such as paid time off and a 401(k) retirement plan
  • “Partner network” is made up of companies that provide services to Managed by Q’s clients – ranges from electrical and plumbing work to technology, security, and staffing
  • No charge to contractors registering as “partners”
  • Competitive commission cuts (likely 20% fee if a client hires through the site, but site does not disclose precise percentage)


  • Many overnight shifts

What Users Say: (From Glassdoor)

Selling your brand with great benefits does not mean you ignore certain issues. Orientation is a good sell until you are hit with the reality that you must deal with cleaning a huge office must be perfect and right after that jump on to your next office coming home at 3 am and doing this Mon-Fri. Q sides more with the client then cleaner . I don’t want to be yelled at by a supervisor after I have cleaned all night.Within the 3 years I have worked for Q I have had 4 promotions. Also I have learned so many new things that I never knew. Full support from all ends, when you speak someone is always there to listen. I love how everyone work together as a team, we all have the same goals for the company. Great benefits for all employees. Commutation within the company is excellent.

It’s a growing company, offers great benefits, room for growth in the company great caring workers. But the lower employees are a bit neglected, high turnover rate.

A hard-working team, really committed to making Q’s “good jobs philosophy” a success by ensuring all employees earn a decent wage and have access to solid benefits (health, 401k, paid holidays, sick leave) – no matter if you’re a cleaner or an engineer.Work/life balance for some of some Services team members is non-existent. Although I think there is a personal grade of responsibility here, I encourage the company to look into this. People do burnout.

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