What: Buyer of consumer electronics, including smart phones by Samsung, Apple, Android, and Blackberry. 

Expected pay: NA

Commissions & Fees: Not applicable

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Be over the age of 18 with the legal right to sell your electronics



  • They provide postage and factory reset it
  • The site buys the phones and resells or reconditions them for sale
  • Relatively good reviews
  • Site makes deals and pays quickly (usually within 2-5 days of receipt)


  • Doesn’t pay the most for your used phone

Other sites to consider when selling a cell: SwappaTheWhizCells, and ItsWorthMore.

What Users Say: (From TrustPilot)

Easy, fast processing of my trade-in Apple Watch for the full valuation quoted. Especially good considering this was handled during the huge snowstorm at their office in Erie, PA. My only gripe was that I had to supply my own packaging. Rivals like Gazelle send you a box in which to ship your device back to them.

I’ve used MaxBack to sell several of my old cell phones over the past several years. Their website is easy to use. They make it easy to send in the phones and they’ve always paid what they’ve said they’d pay for the phones. They also pay very quickly through PayPal. They’re a great company to work with. I won’t hesitate to use them again.

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