What: Online marketplace to sell most anything

Expected pay: NA

Commissions and fees: 10% 

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Be over the age of 18



  • 10% commission on sales, plus a $2 processing fee for direct deposits under $10 (and a $2 fee if a direct deposit transfer is rejected by your bank)
  • You set your price for the items and state if you provide shipping
  • The site provides the marketing platform
  • Buyers are encouraged to negotiate, so they won’t necessarily just walk away
  • Sellers don’t get paid until the buyer “rates” the seller and the seller rates the buyer.
  • If the buyer doesn’t rate the seller within three days, the system will trigger payment anyway.
    • The requirement for ratings attempts to prevent buyer and seller fraud, but it doesn’t really solve buyer fraud because the site will allow returns after the three-day window.


  • Sellers say it’s easy to hit the wrong button when accepting a return on the app.
    • So, the buyer could keep your product, even while getting a refund.

You can also sell on CraigsList, OfferUp, and Letgo

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