Nearly Newlywed

What: Online reseller for your wedding dress and accessories

Expected pay: NA

Commissions and Fees: $25 listing fee, plus 40% of the sales price

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Be legally able to agree to a contract and own a wedding dress or accessories  



  • You can sell your gown and wedding accessories, including jewelry, shoes, and purses.
  • You pay $25 upfront to list, sending photographs to the site’s team.
  • If your listing is approved, usually within 24 to 48 hours of receipt, your advertisement is posted.
  • Good return policy
    • You send the dress to the site when it sells for inspection before being sent to the buyer
    • The buyer is given five days to try it on and make sure it suits – if it doesn’t, the dress is returned and inspected again. If the buyer returns the dress damaged, the return will not be processed.
    • Sellers keep their portion of the sale proceeds if a buyer returns a damaged item
    • If the dress is returned in its original condition, the site holds the dress in its inventory for 90 days and re-lists the gown. If it sells again, you get the money; if it doesn’t sell, your dress is returned to you.
  • Reviews of the site illustrate a quicker sale than other sites


  • Extensive process makes selling expensive ($25 listing fee + 40% of the sales price goes to the site)

If you are trying to sell a wedding dress, you may want to take a look at Still WhitePreOwnedWeddingDresses and Once Wed 

Buyer and Seller Reviews from Wedding Wire

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