What: A social networking site where you can post items for sale, find a job, lend or rent your personal items; you can also start conversations with your neighbors about anything pertinent in your neighborhood

Commissions & fees: none

Expected Pay: NA

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: None


The site is aimed at neighborly chats for both commercial and social purposes. It encourages users to invite friends and neighbors to post local information about everything from lost dogs to crime. You can use the site to organize a group or remind each other about community events.

The commercial side of Nextdoor allows you to advertise items for sale or rent and you can attempt to find a job. If you want to work as a gardener, nanny, or in elder care, your chances of finding an interested neighbor are pretty good. Many have used the site to sell household items.

Communication is limited to a small geographic area to ensure it is between neighbors, which means your advertisements are usually within a small radius. Posting an ad is free, so there’s nothing to lose.  There are plans to monetize its operation, which may mean you will be charged to post ads.

Neighborhood “leads” who monitor conversations can be arbitrary about the posts they allow. Guidelines about acceptable posts are vague. The main discussion board discourages political speech and some commercial posts

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