Nexus Notes

What: Platform for sellers to offer and sell eligible notes to the site; Nexus Notes offers and sells approved notes to the public.

Expected pay: $17.50/sale

Where: National and international

Requirements: Be a college student; Take detailed notes from a widely-attended class; ideally, have good grades (if you share your excellent grade with the site, the site will give your notes a mark of distinction, which presumably makes the notes more attractive to buyers)



  • Get paid to upload class notes for sale on the platform
  • The site pays via commission
  • Payments are made monthly
  • If your notes are accepted and sold, you could sell multiple times for a few years (assuming the class remains essentially the same)
  • Payment formula seems fair


  • The site takes 50% of the sale (Usually $35/sale)
  • Uncertainty of sale: when you upload your notes, the site accepts or rejects them based on quality and if similar notes are already on the site
  • Relatively new to the U.S.

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