What: Casting marketing platform allows you to set up a profile and post photos for free

Expected pay: Not Applicable

Commissions & fees: None, unless you sign up for premium services

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: None


You can upload photos and a resume on the free account; accounts are searchable by casting directors, agents and managers. You can set up a NowCasting email address as well for communication. Updating your resume on this site also updates it on the Online Players Directory and the NC Auditions Now site.

Additional services will be marketed at you from the site, ranging in price from $6 to $21/month. Paid services are not recommended, since free job listings can be found at Playbill. You can open a free account at Actor’s Access as well. 

If you are feeling a bit discouraged about breaking into an extremely competitive field, read this story about famous entertainers and what they did before they became famous.

What Users Say: (From Yelp)

“TOTAL WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY ! NOTHING FOR THE SOUTH EAST..OUTDATED NOTICES AND SLIM PICKINGS…I was with them for 4 or 5 years on the free account.I decided to up my account. I recently cancelled it altogether.  I called and talked to Richard. I wanted to get a refund for 2 months of having the updated profile . Not a lot of money for each month to have a reel up but there wasn’t anything in the East. (Maybe 5 notices?)They do not want to give a refund so I will take it up with my cc company. BASICALLY, don’t waste your time. Use Actors Access, or 800 casting, IMDB pro instead.”

“DO NOT PAY $11 OR $5 OR $21 OR $25 OR WHATEVER BS PLAN YOU THINK YOU MIGHT NEED. You don’t need it. In fact I feel like my time was wasted so badly they should pay me. Okay , so I don’t leave negative reviews. I don’t ask for refunds either , two things I’m doing now. I signed up for this “service” two days ago. They have like 10 casting notices. Most of them the “audition day” has passed. Three of them were posted in 2014. The site is useless. In the two days I’ve signed up I submitted to everything. No one responded or viewed. I wasn’t really expecting a crazy out pour of responses in such a short time but still, the break downs are old , and no one will read the submission bc the roles are freaking filled (in 2014).”

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