One Class

What: Online platform offering exam study guides, lecture notes and video tutorials created by top students

Expected pay: Nominal

Where: Colleges and universities nationwide

Requirements: Take detailed class notes; ability to upload them to the site; follow program guidelines



  • None found


  • You receive “credits” per upload – About $0.20/upload
  • You get paid more if you are invited to upload your notes, or if you become one of their “official notetakers” — the “highest category” of notetakers on the platform.
    • Provides $10 for 16 uploads for regular notetakers and $20/upload for “official” notetakers

If you want to get paid for your notes, check out StudySoup or Nexus Notes. If they aren’t available at your school, talk to the Disability Services department. You could sell class notes yourself as this blogger did. It has been found that the Disability Services department will pay a set fee per class, not per upload.

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