Online Verdict

What: Online Verdict hires people to be mock jurors, working completely online. For trials lasting 20 minutes to an hour, they’ll pay between $20 and $60

Expected pay: $20 to $60/hour

Where: National

Requirements: Be over the age of 18; a U.S. Citizen; Never convicted of a felony; Not employed as an attorney or paralegal



  • Review cases from home
  •  Juror payment is made by check once/month
  • You receive an email invitation from OnlineVerdict to review the case at your convenience
  • The site estimates that it will take you 20 minutes to an hour to review and rule on each case. You’ll earn between $20 and $60, depending on the time and complexity of the case


  • Not many opportunities to earn; maybe one or two cases every once in awhile

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