Orange Crate

What: Food Delivery

Expected pay: $2.99 plus $0.54/mile (above 2), and 100% of the tip

Commissions & fees: 15% (net pay = $2.54/delivery, plus $0.46/mile)

Where:  Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee and select cities in other states

Requirements: Be over the age of 18, have a car and a smart phone



  • Pick the hours you want to work
  • Drivers are paid every two weeks


  • You get 85% of the delivery fee and 100% of the tip – however, the delivery fee is $2.99. You also get $0.54 for each mile driven over the first two miles
    • If the delivery is 5 miles from the restaurant, you get $4.61 ($2.99 + $1.62 (3 extra miles x $0.54). You only get 85%; which is $3.92.
  • Payment to the driver uses Jobble (which charges another $0.60 for each order)
  • Chance of getting multiple deliveries in an hour are slim

What Drivers Say: (From Indeed)

It’s not worth to work at this job. It’s like working as a server in a restaurant, the tips are not worth it. it’s better to work at someplace like a restaurant where you get more tipsProsDifferent restaurants and customers are goodConsThe tips are not worth it

Must work two shifts and you get 60¢ for a successful delivery and 100% tips. 20 mile radius from the store or restaurant. Sometimes out of town deliveries

I really like working with OrangeCrate. You pick your own hours which is awesome and you get paid milage as well as tips. The only downside is you get paid per delivery so if you’re having a slow day you don’t make much. Management works with you and if you ever have any questions or problems they help out quickly. I’m really glad I took this job.

Pros: Pick your own hours, be at home, friendly management

Cons: No hourly pay

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