What: Online learning marketplace where you can teach

Expected pay: $10 to $80/hour

Commissions & fees: 30%

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: 18 or older; pass a background check; expertise in your chosen topic.



  • The site encourages teachers to offer classes that spark imagination; this site is the perfect place to test out your idea and imaginative curriculum
    • Examples: Teach engineering concepts using Legos. Learn history, astronomy, and chemistry through a Harry Potter lens. There is a class that teaches how the Holocaust and WWII influenced J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World. Civics and economic lessons taught through Minecraft; and Spanish taught through Taylor Swift songs. 
  • Classes can be offered as single sessions or as a series
  • Teachers determine the number of student attendance for each class and set their per-pupil class price
    • Typically teachers charge around $12-$15/hour per learner and offer spots for 1-18 students.
  • Advertising, booking, and payment collection are all done by the site
  • 30% fee is paid to the site


  • Poor teacher support (recent complaints due to Covid-19)
  • The close of traditional classrooms due to Covid-19 has increased the site’s student sign-ups, overwhelming customer support

What Users Say: (From Indeed)

I started teaching a little over a month ago and I LOVE it! Im making way more money than I ever expected and teaching classes I am so excited to do! Classes are maxed out and I couldn’t be happier with it. I travel full time and this was just what I was looking for while on the road.

Pros: set your pay, make your own hours

Cons: sometime approval on classes can take awhile

My only regret is that I didn’t start working with Outschool sooner. I am able to teach students from around the world and not have to worry about marketing my classes. I love choosing my own hours and being able to work from anywhere. There are no benefits but the hourly rates more than make up for that.

For innovative teachers who want to teach any topic they are excited about showing others. Using your own skills to virtually engage in lessons that you create with students between the ages of 3-18

Pros: flexible schedule; choose your own rate per class

Cons: class sign up is not guaranteed, if you have children of your own they have to be somewhere other than near you

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