What: An online platform and mobile app enabling vehicle owners and parking space holders to connect, reserve and utilize parking space from one another

Expected pay: Varies by location

Commissions & Fees: 12.5%

Where: Theoretically nationwide, however, the service started in Los Angeles and appears to have most of its customers there. 

Requirements: Be over the age of 18; have an iPhone and the legal right to rent out your parking area



  • Charges less for their services than CurbFlip; 12.5% of your rental price vs. CurbFlip’s 19%
  • You can set up automatic bookings on the site
  • The site and app have “smart” suggestions: “based on the meter and lot rates in your area, parking supply and walkability, Pavemint’s Smart Pricing Algorithm helps you determine what your space is worth.”
  • You can message “guests” directly


  • Pavemint imposes cancellation fees on hosts
    • The amount of the fee depends on the value of the reservation and the amount of advance notice. It can be the entire rental amount or $25 for short notice.
  • Pavemint (like CurbFlip) provides no commercial liability insurance

If you’re interested in renting out your parking space, you may also want to sign up at CurbFlip.

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