What: Vertical SaaS (Software as a Service) company focused on providing software and services to companies that help people move and make home maintenance simpler

Expected pay: Varies

Commissions & fees: Contractors pay $10 – $30 for leads + $360/year (if they want to be “vetted pros” – putting them in the top search results)

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: None specified



  • The site automatically credits your account if you buy a lead and are unable to connect with the client after multiple attempts (If you call the consumer twice and message twice, with no response, you get a credit. No cash refunds for leads.)
  • An annual background check is done and must be passed—no other specific requirements.


  • The site sends worthless leads
  • Contractors have to pay $10 to $30, depending on the job; getting credit for these leads is difficult, if not impossible
  • If you become a “vetted pro,” you pay $360/year
  • Renewal of “vetted pro” status is automatic

The site provided a deceptively cheap estimate when tested on the consumer side. Unable to see contractor profiles, giving clients no way to direct where your lead is going.

Better options for contractors can be found with JiffyOnDemand, Takl and the ManagedbyQ partner network.

What Users Say: (From Indeed)

If you are a handyman be careful because they are not paying all the jobs and keeping the money even know that they take half of what you make. Also they buy job from HomeAdvisor wich they get cancel a lot since homeadvisor sell those lead to many handyman.

Good place for people just starting in the workforce, age 20-23. Several shifts to accommodate home life. Managers very lenient in respect to making sales as long as the effort is there.

From the BBB

Do not use porch.com if you are a service provider my company S&S professional movers and junk removal in Atlanta we asked porch to delete our company off of their profile but they declined and told us that it is public information the reason they do not want to remove us is because we have five star reviews online so when somebody looks for that service they see our ad then porch sales that lead to four five different service providers not us. Porch also sales old bogus leads two service providers so both customer and service providers are getting swindled do not use this company I repeat do not use this company we were with this company for 4 years so we know with this company really is it needs to be shutdown beware use at your own risk

I am a handyman with Porch.com and they own me 15 jobs about $1000 wich since they take half of the profit from the handyman which is a high percentage since they do not do any of the work. I have email everybody i could I including massage the ceo and they still ignoring and not paying those jobs they own me. So practically stelling from the handyman even know they take half of the profit. I wonder if they’re somebody that can help collect my money from them.

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