Our Rating System

Every opportunity on HustleVida receives a HuslteVida Score ranging from a low of $ to our highest rating $$$$$.

Our Rating System

The scoring is aimed at giving you a look at how well this opportunity serves the worker/seller/owner of property for rent. Criteria for work-related scores include expected pay; availability of work; liability; costs borne by the worker; user satisfaction; customer support and other miscellaneous factors.

Rent and sell opportunities are rated based on sales/rental costs; liability; user satisfaction; site traffic (i.e. its ability to draw willing buyers/renters), among other factors.

Scoring key:

$$$$$ = Excellent opportunity

$$$$ = Above average

$$$ = Average

$$ = Below average

$ = Abysmal

Careful and Honest

Ratings are subjective, but are based on a careful analysis of our site’s research. They are never influenced by advertising or affiliate marketing.

Digital Options

If you would like to display a site’s HustleVida Score on your site, contact us about licensing.

Our Research.

Our research includes reading site terms and conditions, looking for user reviews, complaints, news stories and interviewing current and past users.


Layered Research

HustleVida Score, like credit scores, can change with time and new information. Please check for updates.

Your Help

HustleVida Scores are only as good as the information we can gather. If you have recent experience with any of the opportunities listed on our site, we would greatly appreciate your feedback. Please hit contact us and tell us about it.

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