What: Global online marketplace for print-on-demand products based on user-submitted artwork

Expected pay: NA

Commissions and fees: N/A – You get royalties for each product sold with your art on it; the royalty depends on the product and the mark-up you set

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Be 16 or over; have art available for upload



  • Dynamic pricing formula where you can set your prices
  • The site says that the average artist earns a 17% commission
  • Artists maintain all rights to their work, so you can sell on Redbubble, as well as with other competitor sites
  • Your designs are sold on a variety of different products (from stickers to clothing or device covers and home goods)


  • Minimum $20 payout

What Users Say: 

From an artist/user perspective, I find Redbubble to be a well-designed, easy-to-use platform with a nice variety of products.

My main criticism is that Redbubble is not mobile-friendly. This is now more than ever before a problem given Google’s April 2015 change to their algorithm for ranking web sites for search results. If your web site is not mobile-friendly, you will be penalized. This is why I converted my web site last year to be mobile friendly and also why I recently converted my blog to be mobile friendly – with both employing the responsive web design paradigm.


There are two big benefits I’ve gotten from my year on the Bubble: the first is online presence and the second is contacts.

A year ago, my blog was brand new and hard to find. Once I began posting work on RedBubble (and linking to my blog), I was much easier to find online, leading to new opportunities and potential buyers. I also use RedBubble’s “journal” feature to share thoughts and opinions on art, which brings new viewers to my portfolio and blog.

And, in addition to increasing my online presence, I’ve also gotten a chance to network with many other artists.


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