What: RideZum connects parents with people who have experience working with children to drive kids to and from school, sports and other activities, and, occasionally, babysit 

Expected pay: $20+/hour

Where: Major California cities

Requirements: At least 21 years old; 3 years or more experience working with children; Driving experience and a clean driving record; Own a 2006 or newer four-door vehicle in great condition; Pass a background check



  • Drivers are paid between $20 and $30/ride, but the ride could be 10 or 15 miles away from home
  • Driving is mostly done during the day
  • Flexible


  • Employee reviews are mixed
  • Pay formula is unclear

What Users Say: (From Indeed)

I enjoyed my time with Zum but wish there were more clarity and transparency from the top. I learned a lot about the education field and that transportation is a humongous need and I believe with some time Zum will be a good fit for all districts once they learn to maintain and iron out the many wrinkles.

The concept of RideZum worked great for me! I was able to accept rides days in advance so I could schedule work around my life. I also knew where I was picking up and dropping off so I could plan errands and be fuel efficient.

If there was ever an issue with a ride or rider, Zum customer service supported the driver 100%. I never felt that my time was wasted if a ride fell through. Zum made sure there was compensation.

Pros: Flexibility

Cons: still waiting for Zum to open up in my new location

I love the fact that the work is very flexible. You choose what rides to accept whenever you want. Sometimes however, when there is a problem with a ride you are performing, it is hard to get in touch with Zūm and can take several minutes to get a response.

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