What: Online marketplace that connects businesses with freelance writers for blogs, articles, and bulk social media posts

Expected pay: $0.05 to $0.10/word

Where: National

Commissions & Fees: NA

Requirements: A computer; some topic expertise; and the ability to write with proper grammar and syntax


Now, more than ever, everyone wants a web presence. Web gurus tell you that if you want your website to show up on a Google search, you need to constantly add to your blog. The challenge is that many people are not natural writers.


  • The site claims it can produce blog posts for $39-$98 each


  • Writers only get $20 to $50 for a 300-500 word piece that might require research
  • Not enough work to be a full-time job or earn a lot

You can find real writing jobs at ProBlogger and

What Their Writers Say: (From Glassdoor)

I have been working at Scripted for more than 3 years


Fare transparency, kill fees, higher pay for skilled writers, responsive help.


Content farm, not always much work available, client comes first.

I have been working at Scripted for more than 5 years


The company allows freelancers to set their own rates and I I’ve been able to steadily increase my rates Good clientele Editing is quick and thorough without being overbearing


Work can be scarce Clients now have up to 30 days in some cases to review pieces before the writer gets paid. This is way too long.

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