What: Mystery shopping company that hires consumers to “shop” a wide array of businesses, including retail stores, restaurants, financial services and medical concerns

Expected pay: $10 to $25 per shop (or reimbursement)

Commissions & fees: None

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Age 18 or over; access to a computer and digital camera or scanner



  • Pay is reimbursement for your meal/experience, or a flat fee, or is made up of a flat fee, plus reimbursement
  • Secret shopping is better to defray costs, rather than as a way to make a living
  • Reimbursements are usually the most generous forms of payment


  • Rare to earn more than minimum wage; usually, you’re earning considerably less
  • Pays once a month, on the 20th for jobs completed in the previous month
  • Reserves the right to refuse payment if the report from the shopper is full of errors, delivered late, or the shopper refuses to pay

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