What: Shop and deliver groceries

Expected pay: 7.5% of the receipt, plus $5, plus tips

Commissions & fees: Not applicable

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Be 18 or over; have a valid U.S. driver’s license, auto insurance, a reliable vehicle (1997 or newer); ability to lift 40 pounds; smart phone (iPhone or Android); insulated cooler bags and shopping experience.



  • The platform pays a higher delivery fee for small orders that would otherwise net a minimal commission
  • If you deliver a set number of orders without problems, the platform allows you to shop two grocery lists at a time, making time and pay more efficient and substantial
  • Shipt offers bonuses to new workers
  • Shipt says you’ll get paid as much as $22/hour to shop for and deliver groceries. (Pay projections factor in tips, which are not guaranteed) The hourly rate also relies on you being able to shop extremely quickly and efficiently.


  • Must contact the customer if a particular item isn’t available for approval of substitute
  • Challenging to complete the shop in the allotted hour due to possible substitutions and needing approval from customers
  • In rural areas, shoppers complain about transportation time
  • Marginal reviews can get you kicked from the platform

After accounting for gas, wear and tear, and possible parking expenses, the net pay slightly exceeds minimum wage.

If you love shopping and driving, also check out Instacart or Amazon Flex.

What Users Say: (From Indeed)

I have been doing Shipt for a few months now, and overall I would say I enjoy it. As a nursing student you need flexibility, and it is such a blessing to be able to set your schedule. However, just because you’re on the schedule doesn’t mean you are going to get an order for the hour, especially if you live in a metro with lots of shoppers. Be warned, Shipt is nearly impossible to get into contact with. Several times I’ve ran into a question or poroblem, I’ve waited hours online and on the phone with no answer. This job is great for people needing part time work, but I would advise against it as your primary job.

I love the flexibility of this job. The customers are amazing and so easy to work with. So easy and fun! This job is like personal shopping but for groceries, I love shopping so this is great.

Pay should more…. Custers are really nice. Some of the customers rate you excellent service but they still don’t tip. Tips should be mandatory from all customers. Tips should be percentage of bill…

Pros: Tips

Cons: Gas, Mileage, vehicle health, pay not enough

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