What: Hourly work marketplace

Expected pay: $10 or more/hour

Commissions & fees: none

Where: Washington, D.C., Richmond, VA and Charlotte, NC.

Requirements: Be 18 or over; pass a background check and video interview.



  • Pick up shifts that you want
  • Hires workers as W-2 employees
  • Provides training online
  • Paid once a week through direct deposit


  • You can get a bad rating and eventually kicked off the platform
  • Not a lot of shifts available

What Users Say: (From Indeed)

They were very nice at first but they started not answering my emails after a while. To pick up a shift you have to meet the requirements of that job, it’s all different things and a little tiring. I’ve picked up 2 shifts in the past week and they both cancelled on me. And during holidays there aren’t many shifts to pick up, forcing you to get a second job. I feel like they pretend to care that work for them. Snag is good for it you already have a job and you just want to work a shift or 2 on the side each week to get a little extra money. Some places Pay very well. But it’s 3 strikes and your out. They aren’t very lenient on that policy. Say you go to work somewhere and you forgot you had to wear a red shirt with black dress pants. If they tell you to go home then that’s one strike. And sometimes the app doesn’t say everything the website does. And the strikes do go away after a month but sometimes they decided to keep the strikes that you have for a couple of months.

For a company that claims to provide employment solutions they have yet to figure it out for themselves. They take advantage of their employees only to kick them to the curb. They are irresponsible with their growth and allocation decisions. Save yourself the trouble and do not engage with the company.

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