What: SnagAJob is an employment platform that is free to use for job-seekers and lists jobs in almost every industry.

Expected pay: $10 – $60 per hour

Commissions & Fees: none for workers

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Be over the age of 14 and have an email address; if you use SnagaJob’s app, you’ll need a smart phone


Snagajob is a job board that is free to use for job seekers. Employers pay a fee to list.

However, users complain that the site posts old positions that are not currently available and that it may spam you with unwanted solicitations. The site maintains that you can restrict these unwanted phone calls and emails by adjusting your privacy settings and unsubscribing to their email blasts. But, you should be prepared to fend off a certain amount of spam if you sign up.

Like many free job boards, they appear to monetize their service partly by selling your contact information to advertisers and others, some of whom may be shady characters.

That said, the site does not charge you to view and apply for jobs. You don’t even have to fill out a profile.

If you use the site without registering, you get the benefits without most of the annoyances. Just don’t expect all the job listings to be fresh. There are better sites to find real work, including Indeed and Glassdoor. And if you are looking for work in a particular industry — say, warehouse work or food service — you would be better off looking at sites that specialize in that particular industry, such as Wonolo and Shiftgig.

What their users say: (from SiteJabber)

They post jobs that actually aren’t available. I never received a response from anyone, and when I checked directly with an employer on one job, I was told the position was never actually posted. Don’t waste your time with this site.

I created an account with because I’m currently looking. No more than 15 min after creating a profile with my personal info, I received a phone call from a solicitor.  My Email has been blowing up with Junk Mail ever since as well and it wont stop. NEVER USE SNAGAJOB.COM

Privacy invasion. Registered to this site a few days ago and have been getting college recruiters contacting me on my phone. Found out there is an option: “Yes I am interested in furthering my education and would like to learn about opportunities” This option did not appear during or after registration. I only learned of this after getting a phone call from a recruiter who told me they saw the option selected in my profile. Use this website at your own risk, full well knowing they will take your information and use it without your knowledge and consent.

From Spiral Notes

So is it a scam? For the most part yes. I am in the process of looking for a job right now and I have applied for a whole bunch of Customer Service and Administrative jobs through only to find out that they are all scams. I have been bombarded with unwanted text messages and emails from unknown employers who do not even know what position within their so called company I have applied for…(click on the link above to see the whole review)

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