What: Artists can earn extra money by turning their art into coffee cups, iPhone holders, tote bags, and t-shirts

Expected pay: NA

Commission/fees: Not applicable (you earn a royalty on each product sold)

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Art available for upload



  • Process is simple
  • Society6 produces, packs, and ships your product
  • Every purchase pays an artist
  • Society6 artists earn 10% of every sale
  • For prints, artists have control over their markup and can set their own prices above the standard 10%


  • Could take some time to get paid – paid once a month, 30 days after a sale
  • Difficult to make a living

What Users Say:

If you’re thinking about putting your art on Society6, the wisest option is to just go for it. If it doesn’t sell, the only thing you’ll be out on is a bit of time. There’s essentially no reason not to submit it.

Plus, when you submit your artwork to Society6, you still retain full rights to it. This means that you can continue to use it on other platforms such as Threadless. You won’t have to worry about intellectual property violations.

You may be able to make more money on other such sites, but you never really know where your artwork might get noticed. Some people only browse specific websites, and may never have the chance to come into contact with your artwork. Putting it on a number of different websites gives you more exposure overall.

Overall, Society6 is a solid website for those artists who are trying to make some spending money. Again, you likely won’t make a career out of selling on Society6, but it can be a decent source of additional income.


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