The Content Authority

What: Supplies existing businesses and web entrepreneurs with content

Expected pay: Less than $0.01 to $0.065/word

Where: National

Requirements: The ability to write clearly in English; a computer; high-speed internet



  • None Found


  • Pays less per word than competitor sites
  • Imposes a variety of restrictions on writers making it impossible to use the site as a forum to build a following

What Their Writers Say: (From Indeed)

I am a Tier 4-writer, but there is usually only Tier 3 stuff available. Occasionally I will luck up and find a higher paying piece. For a few months, there was not anything for me to do. One of the managers retired or something and it seems like someone dropped the ball.

Even though it is a content mill, I like the fact that unless you are just a horrible writer, not much gets rejected, and generally, it is accepted before or on the date that they promise. If they had more work, it would be a decent “play money” gig. I am signed up with a few of these sites, so I can usually find work on one of them.

Right now if I happen to log in when there is decent paying work, I can easily make over $50 in a couple of hours while watching TV. Good for buying gifts for friends and family or a nice lunch out.

Work seems to be placed on the dashboard at odd hours such as late at night.

I do work full-time, but am looking forward to retiring soon so I will have more time to check the site for opportunities. However, if you are looking for a steady income supplement, this is probably not the one for you.

Pros: Flexible work if you can get it.

Cons: Not enough work for writers

The Content Authority is a great place for new copywriters to get some experience while making some great quick small cash. At around a penny a word, you are not going to get rich but you will learn skills that can benefit your future career potential.

Pros: Freedom

Cons: Low Pay

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