What: TheBash, formerly GigMasters, claim they connect entertainers (like comedians, speakers, bands, etc.) and service providers (event planners and photographers, etc.) with potential customers

Expected pay: Set by You

Commissions and fees: YOU pay $299 – $499/year and 5% on bookings

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Valid credit card



  • They claim to advertise your entertainment-related service (band, DJ, comedy act, photography services, etc.) to potential clients.
  • You pay for a 3-month minimum subscription.
  • If you book a gig through the site, you will be required to pay an additional 5% booking fee.
  • Rare to find gigs
  • GigMasters will auto-charge your credit card every year, unless you remember to cancel prior to the automatic renewal date. If you fail to cancel, even by one day, you are charged for the rest of the year. There are no refunds. According to artists who have used the site and complained say the site’s 30-day money-back trial appears to be misleading.

If you are a musician, you may have better luck earning money teaching music at LessonFace than booking gigs on this site. 

What Users Say:

From the BBB:

Each year I’m having to fight to get closer to the rate charged in 2018 ($300). Each year they Auto Renew at a new rate I’m unaware of until I’m charged an excess of 25% more from the previous 2 years (now $424). Their increases are arbitrary and non-sensical. It’s a whole lot of back and forth and getting the run-around. I’ve been with GigMasters since 2003 *** * *************. Then I started my ***** ******* around 2011. The back end of their website is ******* and hasn’t changed or kept up with technological advances and modern times in 17 years. What are they charging more for? Why should I pay 25% more for each year? There’s no customer loyalty in any way, even after 17 years. They treat you like you’re just a new customer every year. Musically speaking, there’s no Return On Investment (ROI) in my expert knowledge and my sales statistics. I was keeping my account for more web presence. However, $424 a year is too much to pay for a little more web presence and no ROI. I’ve been emailing with them to try and work something out. They were very responsive and haggling with me at first, but when I was unhappy with their offer and I asked for my refund, and they stopped responding! Crickets! They didn’t agree to refunding me my $424 yet. They just charged me on March 14th (10 days ago). T*** *** ***** and I want out!

From Pissed Consumer:

I joined Gigmasters in november 27th 2016, but realized that it was a mistake to sign up and deactivated account. I called and tried to reach someone, which did not work then went online and deactivated account. 11/27/2017 – got a charge again from Gigmasters for renewal. I called and sent email asking to cancel my account and refund my money. They did not cancel my account and now I recieved another charge from gigmasters on my credit card. Its not easy to get rid off a blood sucker like gigmasters. I was charged more than $1100 and not a single benefit or call.

My DUO was on there for a year and NOTHING. 15 years together and we have opened for National Acts like The Drifters, The Duprees, The Skyliners, Danny & The Juniors, Bobby Rydell and NOTHING! I probably answered 50 gigs asap with a REASONABLE price and NOT ONE GIG! Like gigsalad, I believe that some of these gigs are PHONY, MADE UP to make you think there’s something on the other end.

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