What: Rent your space (house/apartment/office/barn/etc) by the day, week, month or hour

Commissions & fees: 10% – 15%

Expected pay: $50 or more/hour

Requirements: Be able to sign a legally-binding contract and have a space that can work as a venue. Any licenses, such as city or county business licenses, needed to rent out your space. 

Where: New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal



  • Allows you to list your real estate as a venue for events that are as diverse as movie sets and photography shoots to corporate events and pop-up stores.
  • You set your price and decide what type of events you’re willing to host and when.
  • The site handles bookings and collects payment, taking a fee ranging from 10% to 15% in exchange.
  • Hosts are paid four weeks after the site collects payment, or before the event date, whichever comes first.
    • Payments are only made when you’re owed $100 or more. If you’re owed less, the site will hold your payment until it hits the $100 threshold. 
  • It offers $2 million in liability insurance vs. the $1 million policies offered by competitor sites. 


  • If a host cancels, he/she must refund 100% of the booking cost to the guest, pay a $150 cancellation fee, and may have a hold placed on future payouts to recover any costs incurred by the cancellation.
    • Fees would only be waived if the host can prove that the venue has suffered some damage that would make hosting the event unsafe.
  • If there is any cancellation, a review of your account will be made and you could get kicked from the platform.
  • Guest cancellation terms allow hosts to keep payments if the guest cancels within 7 days of the event or a month after booking. 
  • Currently operates in only two U.S. cities and has relatively few homes in its database.

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