What: Thread Up purports to buy your lightly-used brand-name clothing and accessories for thrift-store prices, but sellers say they get less 

Commission/fees: NA

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Thread Up purports to buy your lightly-used brand-name clothing and accessories for thrift-store prices. But sellers say they get less — often much less — than the clothes are worth, and the acceptance process is arbitrary. If you think you might not like the way they value your clothing and want your bag back, you have to make that determination in advance and pay $11 for “Return Assurance.”

Theoretically, you don’t pay a fee or commission to sell on Thread Up, but that’s more theory than practice. The site has complete discretion over what to pay for the items you send in. And, since they don’t send things back (unless you pay for that in advance), you have little recourse if they decide your used clothes are worthless–or worth a fraction of what you could get for them elsewhere. Both the site’s policies and seller reviews earn this site $ideHusl’s lowest rating. 

You are likely to end up much better off selling things on eBay or CraigsList.

What their sellers say: 

“Sent them a HUGE bag of name brand clothes that were barely worn or brand spankin’ new. Lucky Brand, Free People, etc. Only made $30 when I could have made that off of one top from eBay. They gave me something like $1 per item I sent. They totally ripped me off. They also have a very limited stock and I have never found anything. Probably cause sending them clothes is a scam.”

You are better off giving your clothes to Goodwill. When ThredUp first started their payout was great and it was nice doing business with them. But that’s in the past don’t waste your time.”

“I use ThredUp to sell. My experiences have been ok. I probably average about $40 dollars a bag. It can take a long time to process so just be ready. They are picky about what they take. I have had the most luck sending in things like Michael Kors and Coach bags and wallets, maternity and jeans. I also don’t pay to get things back so I get the most of my money that I can. I recently sent a Kate Landry wallet that they listed as unbranded….odd. If you guess your own financial return and expect a timeline, don’t sell here. Donate or consign locally.”

“I am so mad!!! I sent away $60/$70 boots, $50 kids jordans, $60 kid’s DC’s, several items from baby gap, the children’s place, old navy, all about $400 total, resale price and they gave me $2!!!!!! Its absolutely disgusting. And you have to pay to get your own stuff back.”

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